Translation Service Provider

About Us

Makna Translation is a leading provider of translation services to top tier law firms and national and multinational companies in Jakarta, Bali and Singapore. We deliver English to Indonesian as well as Indonesian to English document translation. By providing accurate, high-quality English-Indonesian translation services, Makna Translation has helped corporations, law firms and government agencies communicate and succeed in the global marketplace.

Makna Translation also offers proofreading services. Many of our clients who have had documents translated come to us to get those documents independently checked. We understand that the process of proofreading is essential to assure the quality of the translated documents. Makna Translation always ensures the proofreading linguist is fully briefed on the expectations.


Makna Translation’s staff will respond promptly to your request for translation services. We offer around-the-clock customer support to accommodate urgent deadlines for any document translation you may require. Our clients trust our management and quality assurance system to deliver accurate and timely translations.


Makna Translation’s professional translators are the best in the industry. To deliver accurate legal translation services for our clients’ projects, we employ certified linguists with extensive subject matter expertise. Our translators are Indonesian native and have years of proven translation experience.


Makna Translation understands the importance of security and confidentiality in its clients’ industries (especially in the legal industry) and deems all disclosed data, ideas and all sources of oral and written information to be strictly confidential. We are cognizant of the fact that the protection of privileged documents and proprietary information requires legally binding non-disclosure agreements and secure premises, servers and networks.

Our Expertise

As the Indonesian laws and regulations require all agreements that involve Indonesian parties to be prepared in Indonesian or bi-lingual, meeting this strict regulatory requirement is essential for any industry that wants to have business relationship with Indonesian parties. To help you overcome this regulatory hurdle, Makna Translation delivers high-quality document translation to many industries. Our vast network of highly qualified professional translators will certainly assist our clients to operate real-time and capitalize on the Indonesian market.


Makna Translation provides legal translation services for regulations, agreements, discovery documents and compliance documentation. Our legal translators have a deep understanding of Indonesia-specific legal terminology. Whether you need to translate a ten-page legal document by COB today or require a scalable solution for translating thousands of documents, Makna Translation’s dedicated project managers and certified translators bring the experience and resources to get the job done on-time and within your budget.

Software and IT

Leading hardware, software and IT companies rely on Makna Translation to deliver technically accurate translation to help them succeed in the Indonesian market. From the copy of mobile applications to the consumer terms and conditions, Makna Translation provides the translation services to help you skillfully adapt your software or IT product for Indonesian market and engage the consumers in Indonesia.


Government agencies rely on Makna Translation’s ability to provide top quality linguists for government projects. Our translators understand the terminology commonly used in government certificates, deeds and agreements. Our project managers will ensure that Makna Translation’s language solutions will be delivered on time and on budget.


Makna Translation is a leading provider of translation services to manufacturing and industrial companies in Indonesia. We have helped clients meet the challenges of Indonesian market and capitalize on new opportunities in the marketplace. We offer a full suite of language services to help you reach out to new customers, manage your supply chain and train employees. Our accurate and localized translations are completed within your designated timeline and produced in any format you require. We ensure that all translated content fully complies with local requirements and is easily understood by the end-user.


Many international banks in Jakarta trust Makna Translation to accurately translate documents like Loan Agreement, Facility Agreement, Corporate Guarantee, Pledge Deposit Agreement, Account Agency Agreement into and from English/Indonesian. We ensure that the translation is localized for the target audience and complies with Indonesia regulatory requirements and your company’s preferred terminology. Our financial translators have extensive experience translating business communications and an in-depth understanding of the specialized language of global trade and financial reporting.


Intellectual Property Rights Consultant

About Us

As intellectual property (IP) becomes increasingly vital to innovative business, both start-up companies and big businesses are starting to take a strategic look at their IP portfolios to identify where they have strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for additional revenue. Makna is committed to help clients who want to maximize their revenue-generating opportunities in the IP sector.

Makna has specialist IP professionals, who are committed to provide a full range of excellent IP services to the clients across a range of industries and at all stages of operation in Indonesia. We provide prosecution and counseling services that allow our clients to gain the most from their IP. All members of the Makna IP team are highly qualified and well versed in the subjects of their specializations.

Our Expertise

Effective IP prosecution is critical to business especially for innovative companies. Success may depend on protecting unique trademark, technology and revenue streams. Infringement of IP may cost substantial amount in revenue and goodwill. Makna is committed to provide responsive, comprehensive, efficient and effective services in handling the clients’ IP prosecution in Indonesia.

Investigation services

A strong in-house information collection and analysis capacity is crucial to the provision of efficient, high quality services in the IP sector. Our dedicated investigation team has in-depth local knowledge and technical expertise of IP issues.

Filing and prosecution

We provide full trademark, copyright, industrial design and patent searching, filing and prosecution services, supported by the technology required to meet today’s client services expectations.

Filing and prosecution work is carried out on a fixed-fee basis. We seek to provide the most efficient, transparent and competitively priced service available in Indonesia.


Third party registration of foreign trademark is a serious problem in Indonesia, that is why it is very important for businesses to register their trademarks here at the earliest opportunity. A trademark is protected for 10 years from the date of filing the application, and it can be continuously renewed for the same period.

Our team has wide experience in handling trademark filing/prosecution in Indonesia. Our services cover searching and pre-filing advice, handling new trademark applications, renewal applications, registering trademark assignments and changes of name or address.


Patent in Indonesia can be standard – for products and processes (new method of doing things or technical improvement on how certain objects work) – or simple patent – for products only. Once it is granted, a patent is protected in Indonesia for 20 years from the date of filing the application. It cannot be renewed.

Our professionals provide the full range of patent services and are involved in counseling on patentability of invention, drafting patent claims, preparing and filing patent applications, translating patent documents from English to Bahasa Indonesia as mandatorily required, attending to the annual maintenance or annuity fees payment for Indonesian patents, registering the assignment and changes at Indonesian Patent Office, monitoring and updating current status report of patent applications.

Industrial Design

Industrial designs are registered with the Industrial Designs Office. An industrial design is protected in Indonesia for 10 years from the date of filing the application. It cannot be renewed.

Our team provides counseling on the industrial design registration, preparing and filing industrial design applications, registering the assignment and changes at Indonesian Design Office, monitoring and updating current status report of industrial design applications.


Indonesia is a signatory to the Berne Convention on the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, therefore works of the citizens of member states, or works first published in a Berne Union country, will automatically enjoy protection in Indonesia. Given that, if the works were made by the citizen of the member states, it is actually not necessary to register copyright at the Indonesian Copyright Office. Many people, however, choose to do so, or leave dated samples of the copyright work with a third party, as a first step to proving ownership.

Our team provides counseling on the scope of protecting of copyrights, preparing and prosecuting applications and registering copyright assignments and changes of name or address.



Office Assistant

About Us

Makna Assistant is a leading integrated business solution provider based in Jakarta and Bali. We can assist companies in Indonesia and overseas to manage the back-end functions of their businesses while they concentrate on achieving the desired sustainable success. By providing efficient, comprehensive and excellent corporate services, Makna has helped corporations and businesses to start, maintain and succeed in the Indonesian market.

One-Stop Service

We offer a comprehensive range of professional services. Our qualified professionals have worked with organizations of all sizes across a wide range of industries, gaining extensive knowledge and expertise to better meet your business requirements.


Makna’s team will respond promptly to your request for corporate services. We offer around-the-clock customer support to accommodate urgent deadlines for any service you may require. Our clients trust our management and quality assurance system to deliver accurate and timely services.


Makna understands the importance of security and confidentiality in its clients’ industries and deems all disclosed data, ideas and all sources of oral and written information to be strictly confidential. We are cognizant of the fact that the protection of privileged documents and proprietary information requires legally binding non-disclosure agreements and secure premises, servers and networks.

Our Expertise

We believe that entrepreneurship is crucial to the Indonesian economy. Therefore, it is very important to support both domestic entrepreneurs and foreign companies/entrepreneurs who want to invest in Indonesian economy, hire people, and drive innovation and progress. In order to achieve that, we are driven to come up with solutions to get startups started quickly and efficiently.

Companies choose Makna as their business partner because we offer expert solutions to help create a competitive edge that lets them perform at their best. We provide service in a way that earns the complete trust and respect of our clients and all who come to know us.

Company Establishment

Makna provides assistance in drafting a standard form Deed of Establishment, appointing the notary and liaising/communicating with the government on behalf of the clients in order to complete all of the regulatory requirements. The licenses that would be obtained are as follows:

  • Notarized Deed of Establishment;
  • Certificate of Domicile;
  • Tax Identification Number;
  • Relevant Approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights;
  • Company Registration Certificate; and
  • Copies of Articles of Association as published in the State Gazette (if available).

Optional Services

  • Assistance in obtaining stay-and work permits (KITAS); and
  • Assistance in obtaining export and import licenses, contracting services license and other special licenses you may require.

Corporate Secretary

Companies have relied on Makna to support all of their corporate filings, formations, and transaction needs. The corporate secretarial services that we provide include:

  • Obtaining a registered address;
  • Assistance in administering shareholders and board of directors’ and board of commissioners’ meetings;
  • Liaising with notary;
  • Arranging the required licenses and permits and ensuring timely renewal thereof;
  • Assistance in arranging work and stay permits;
  • Liaising with government agencies;
  • Drafting and editing documents; and
  • Other related services.

General Secretary

Makna provides general secretarial services, such as typing (verbal or document typing), editing, internet research, designing power point/slides presentation and making appointments. All of which will be done remotely, efficiently and on time.

Website Support

Makna’s website maintenance service is a quarterly service (3 monthly) to help clients in maintaining working websites. We offer services which include Web Monitoring, Technical Supports, Content Update, Content Optimization, Backup, CMS Update, Email Maintenance, Google Analytics, and Website Efficiency maintenance.

  • Web Monitoring
    When a website is “live” and running, it is now open public and free for everyone to access it, and this freedom may attract unwanted activities done by the public to the website such as hacking activity and other destructive activities; therefore, it is very important to monitor the website diligently to ensure the website is running accordingly.
  • Technical Supports
    The task to follow up web monitoring is technical supports. Should anything go wrong with the website, our team will be ready in fixing the problem.
  • Content Update
    Making sure a website is up-to-date is a crucial thing. The high “bounce back” rate is normally caused by visitors feel the website is not “active” due to old contents. Website needs to be up-to-date to maintain its integrity. Makna’s dedicated project manager will help the clients in maintaining and updating the content of their websites.
  • Content Optimization
    A website is not only need to be always up-to-date, but the content i.e. images and videos need to be optimized. Makna will ensure that the clients’ websites would be fast and responsive when loading their data.
  • Backup
    Many websites fail because of the lack of backup processes. A website is never really “hack proof”, and never be “100% bug free”, therefore when things go wrong, backup is extremely crucial. We offer periodic backup processes to ensure that clients’ websites are always safe.
  • CMS Update
    Any type of system needs to be always up-to-date to its current version. One of the important reasons in keeping a system up-to-date is to cover “holes” which can be manipulated by hackers or unwanted visitors of a website. With this service, we help keeping whatever CMS the clients are using to always be the latest version.
  • Email Maintenance
    In addition to our basic features, we go further in giving the clients technical supports in configuring emails such creating a new email, changing passwords, or when things go wrong
  • Google Analytics
    Many websites heavily rely on its traffic and monitoring its trends is equally important. With this service, we provide basic Google Analytics report every end of month.